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when people call hannibal misunderstood i just imagine hannibal as socially confused, 90s sitcom character who gets into hijinks

like he trips on a skateboard and accidentally harvests a dude’s liver

and jack walks in with his hands on hips and he goes “hannibal" in that annoyed, sitcom-way

and hannibal is just on the floor feasting on this dude’s organs and he shrugs and sheepishly grins and says “did i do that?” and a laugh track plays


red tauren gives you hooves.

inspired by this and of course, thrall himself. thank u for red tauren idea, tmirai. for u: gentlemancrow and biteythevillain





I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.



gun pose references gave me quite the eyeful… don’t look it up at work. also would like to thank kenshin for existing for references too.



It’s essay writing season for tons of students!

After being a college writing tutor for over a year, I thought I would share my advice with all you awesome people on tumblr. This is how I write essays, but if you’ve got more tips, feel free to add them below. 

Happy writing. You can do it!

this is really good except please do not ever ever ever use the sentence ‘in this essay i will’ or any variation of it. It makes your essay seem unacademic

As an English teacher I feel obligated to add a few addendums and notes to this!  There is some pretty good information here but I’d like to add some of the advice I find is helpful to my students.

1. Write your thesis FIRST.  Before you write anything else!  Your thesis is the backbone of your essay very literally.  EVERYTHING must point back to it, so writing that first can help VASTLY in planning out your body paragraphs.  The new standards also require thesis statements to not only provide your response to the prompt, but ALSO reveal the structure of your essay.  In other words your thesis should look something like: “(My opinion/answer to this question that DOES NOT USE FIRST PERSON EVER) is true because (Reason A, Reason B, and Reason C)

And so on and so forth.  Reason A then becomes the focus of your first body paragraph, Reason B is second, and on to the end of your essay!  For longer college papers it is also appropriate to use more than one sentence for a thesis as well, so don’t be afraid to break it up a little!

Also always remember Essays are ALWAYS ALWAYS written in 3rd person, you should never ever ever use I anywhere in a formal essay ever!

2. Quotes are pretty much a necessity, so here’s a trick I teach my kids for not only picking strong quotes, but analyzing them in a thoughtful manner.  Look at your reasons you came up with in your thesis statement, you have to PROVE this to me, so go back in and find some scenes from the book that made you think what you think.  Find a quote you think backs it up and then LITERALLY write out on some scratch paper, “This quote shows that…”  or “This proves that….  because…”  Remember you want to avoid quotes that simply state facts that you probably have already brought up.  You are looking to prove your own OPINION, not that certain things just happened!  You can also use this method when actually writing your essay and getting to that tricky analysis part!  Simply insert the quote, then use the sentence stems again!  Delete them when you are done!  9 times out of 10, the sentence is fine without “This proves that” or “This quote shows that”!  Write your essay like your opinion is FACT not your opinion.  This will also help you to have a more confident writing voice which can be critical in response to lit/persuasive writing!

3. INTEGRATE your quotes!  This means that they become part of your actual words.  A hint I always give my students is that if you read your paper out loud, I should not be able to tell where your words end and the author’s begin.  Try a few sentence stems such as: “CHARACTER proves that she/he _________________ when he/she (Says), “Quote goes here.”  or!  CONCEPT YOU ARE TRYING TO PROVE is obvious when…  etc!  or for more research minded papers you can try: Studies have shown/proved that, “QUOTE” or Experts agree, “QUOTE” or Evidence of CONCEPT is clear…  etc!

4. The conclusion is, in my humble opinion, actually the HARDEST paragraph to write.  The natural inclination is to just sort of parrot back what you already said.  I give my students a three layer cake model to help them structure their conclusions:

Layer one: Restate your thesis in a different way.

Layer two: SYNTHESIZE your argument, don’t summarize!  You already told me all the reasons why your thesis is true, I don’t need to hear them again.  What I need to hear here is an explanation about WHY they all work together to really wham bam thank you ma’am prove your thesis true beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Layer Three: Leave your reader with an extension of the concepts in your paper to real world issues.  Give them a nugget of thought to ruminate about as they exit your paper.  It’ll give them a nice feeling that you really get your material as they turn to that dreaded rubric to grade you!

Hope that helps someone!  And dear followers if you ever need writing help please feel free to drop me fanmail anytime!


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