So today was my first day back with the kidlets and I think I got a pretty good bunch this year!  I can tell some of them are going to be CHATTY but that’s ok I’m a loud idiot who never shuts up also I can work with that type of energy :T  But best of all I think I have a lot of nerds which is great!  I said not a WORD about Homestuck today but one girl shyly came up to me as she was leaving and asked me point blank if I read it and secretly I was like YOU HAVE NO IDEA but I just told her SURE DO! and I swear I have never seen such awe in child’s face before it was so cute ; w ;

I have a literary question for you if you don't mind, how do you know when to cut off a chapter? And how do you know where to start the next one? Also, roughly how long should a chapter be. I know that varies a hell of a lot but I'm 5k words in and I'm not seeing a stopping point.

HAHAHAHA funny you should ask me about that because I still struggle with the same thing!  Until Apples kept bapping me because my chapters were ten pages long minimum ahahaha.  So what I try to do is keep it to one central IDEA.  Either a character learns a thing, a thing happens, a thing changes etc!  And you don’t even need to fully explore that thing in one chapter either!  Break it up into smaller chunks.  For example!  In The Heir Apparent, chapter 10 and 11, the chapters where Eridan and Vriska go to the Opera, were originally meant to be one chapter, so it was actually going to stretch from Dualscar asking Sollux to get the tickets all the way to Eridan coming back with the games he bought for him.  But as I was writing it I sorta realized that it fit better to break it up, not only because it was long, but because Eridan went through two sort of modes there.  In chapter 10, he’s pissed at Sollux and vowing to embrace his highbloodedness and be more the asshole he thinks he should be, but halfway through that whole facade kind of crumbles and he goes back to wanting his safe haven in the engine room.  That gave me a pretty clear breaking point when before I didn’t see one there!  Two really nice solid mindsets for Eridan that made two really lovely separate chapters.

Also a little more simply, I tend to plot my fics in SCENES.  I know pretty much everything I want to happen in one scene, and so it just sort of becomes an editing process of do these scenes fit together or should they stand alone etc!

Kind of rambly but I hope I made some kind of sense and I helped!

Is there anything better than eating hot pizza when you’re super hungry?  If there is I don’t wanna know

I laugh so hard to myself when I get comments on that old unfinished Hetalia fic of yore “La Vie En Rose” praising me for FINALLY SOME GOOD USUK!!!

He was gonna end up with Francis in the end if I finished it MUFFLED EVIL LAUGHTER IN THE DISTANCE

I just noticed in the selfies I posted you can actually see the scar through my left eyebrow :T  When I was about 5 or so, I was watching my dad play Super Mario Bros. 3 and when he beat a super hard level I jumped up on the couch, twirled in a pirouette and promptly fell face first onto the hearth which happened to be right there :T  Busted my face CLEAN open and had to go to the ER.  They had to call a plastic surgeon to do it too because they didn’t want my eyebrow to be too jacked up.  7 stitches and a lot of happy shots!  Sometimes I wish they’d left it jacked up though, it’d make me look dangerous hehe

My new look for going back to work. I rather like the blonde and I got a TON of compliments from my coworkers so I guess it’s a keeper :T

back in my senior year of high school i was on the improv team and we had a teacher vs students night one of the games we did was questions, someone gives you a scenario but the two performers can only speak in questions. usually the games only last half a minute or less, but i was up against my former world history teacher and the scene was "you're failing the class" and we went on for maybe 2 minutes or more only because the scene actually almost happened two years earlier, heh


I remember seeing you at Anime Expo 2012 and admiring both you and Bitey as Sollux and Eridan from afar. The days I saw you I told myself I wanted to be an amazing cosplayer just like you!

AW HECK ANON THANKS SO MUCH ; o ;!!  That cosplay was so much fun BITEY GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE SO WE CAN DO IT AGAIN APPLES YOU TOO.  I know you’ll be the cosplayer you want to be and I’m sure you’re much more amazing than you think you are and you already are awesome :D

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I spy (this is the best description of the human starting zone)

after leveling two humans, I can confirm this